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10/07/2018 Myrtle's Practices #1: Expect the Best of Others (Loving Kindness)

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 11:04am -- nstrauss

While she didn't use the term "Loving Kindness Meditation" for what she advocated, that is what we would know this as. When we think of someone we consider to be "other" or "enemy" or anything "less than" part of our own Oneness, our practice is to become still, focus all of our kindness and love on them, and know the Truth of them, which is Love, Light, Good-without-opposite. We do no one any favors if we consider others to be outside of our circle of Good. We must expect the best of ALL people, and - as Myrtle reminded us - as we are able to do that, we enable them to see themselves in that Light of Goodness.