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Are We Adding to the Chaos?

Thu, 07/27/2017 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
"... we think and say that which is not in accord with the prayers we have made. For example, we go in the silence and declare statements of prosperity. Then in writing a letter we speak of lack and failure and longing which proves that we have those thoughts and feelings of lack in our hearts and that we are dwelling on them more strongly than we are on the Truth that we have prayed."  Myrtle Fillmore, Healing Letters, p.18
"... we cannot enter into peace while we are in a state of confusion. It cannot be done. We cannot manifest love when we have a mental equivalent of hate in our hearts and minds." Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, 285.4
"So when you are offering your gift at the altar, if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother or sister, and then come and offer your gift." Jesus, MT 5:23-23, NRSV
As we learn to live more and more in the state of integrity and authenticity which reflects Wholeness, it turns out that we absolutely, positively MUST reconcile ourselves to the Truth that we are, indeed, One. We cannot leave anyone outside of our circle of good. We must also begin looking at "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all" as something more than a trite and clichéd holiday card message. It's something we say to acknowledge some sort of ideal, but we say it without any conviction of the possibility of fulfillment. Our prevailing, collective human desire - despite the holiday greetings we send - seems to be the perpetuation of conflict.
That may sound like a harsh assessment, but it seems accurate to me. While the popular image of New Thought may be that it is some type of fraudulently cheerful system to train ourselves to remember to don our rose-colored glasses each day, those of us who actually do our best to practice New Thought principles know otherwise. In Truth, we must never deny where we are or how we are. If the evidence of our lives is reflecting an unacceptable level of chaos, confusion, and dis-ease, we must be willing to look at that evidence honestly. And that can get a little tricky.
I recently shared an assertion by Emmet Fox that "... by virtue of possessing the Truth of Being, we are nothing less than trustees for humanity." We cannot serve as effective trustees if we're wearing blinders, refusing to see what is happening. I do believe that peace is always present. It also appears we've heaped a whole lot of garbage on top of it.
Of course, there are a whole lot of people contributing to the collective consciousness who do not have a clue about the Omnipresence of Good, or the power of thought to shape substance. While facts can (and do) change regularly, the evidence present at this moment of linear time seems to reflect a collective belief in the supremacy of fear, discord, anger, and the inevitability of the worsening of those things. This is not a pretty picture. No matter how many pairs of rose-colored classes we put on, the insanity reflected in our society will not end until we end it. 
This requires US to change. This requires US to look honestly at our OWN behaviors.
Sure- there will always be people who don't get it. As long as WE believe there are reasons to be afraid, fear will be present. Until WE stop hating, there will be hatred. Until WE stop fighting, there will be war. 
We say "they" should be more inclusive, yet we exclude "them" from OUR circle of Love. We criticize "them" for promulgating fear, then blame "them" for the ills of the world, hardening our hearts to those who disagree with us. We claim freedom from bondage through our beliefs in Original Goodness and free will... and then WE bind OURSELVES to the collective belief in the inevitability of negative outcome by speaking disparaging words to one another about "them".
We must look honestly at our own behavior. We must each take responsibility for our own contributions to the collective consciousness of humankind. We must forgive those who know not what they do. We must see the Divine in those who cannot see the Divine in themselves. We must shift our focus from the chaos and confusion and bless the Good which IS always present. We must hold EVERYONE in our circle of Light and Love, even those who would despitefully use us.
When we behave as though we believe that "they" have the power to destroy this world, we abdicate our responsibility as trustees for humanity. Through our abdication, we consent.
If we want to see love in the world, we must BE love. We must speak loving words, take loving action, think loving thoughts. We must include everyone, everywhere, no matter who, what, where, or how they show up. If we want to experience good will to all, we must extend good will to all. We must claim willingness to understand, and as we are able to understand, we will be willing to truly forgive. As we become willing to forgive, we will begin to recognize our common needs and desires. This will help us remember that Wholeness requires every single one of us. Even "them".
If we wish to see Peace on Earth, we must BE the peaceful Presence the world needs. We must be willing to treat others as the Divine presence they are, no matter what, and regardless of whether they reciprocate or not. We're assured that as we give, we will receive. If we wish to receive love, goodwill, and peace, we must give love, goodwill, and peace.
Just for today, are you willing to invest the time you may have spent complaining about "them" and substitute an equivalent effort into seeing "them" through eyes of Love? Are you willing to intentionally think good thoughts about "those people"? Would you be willing to consider doing the same thing tomorrow? And maybe even the day after that? Peace on Earth will not arise because some magical being decides we've all suffered enough. Peace on Earth will arise when we are each willing to live peacefully on Earth. We could start today. Together, we could choose to shift the collective consciousness of humankind. That seems like good work as we serve as trustees for humanity.

I honor the amazing expression of God you are... and I am thankful you are in the world!