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Creativity as Spiritual Practice

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
When was the last time you intentionally practiced creativity? If we are, indeed, expressions of the Great Creative Force of the Universe (which I certainly believe we are), then creativity MUST be a part of our spiritual DNA. Just as God is Love, Truth, Life, etc., God is Creativity.
Think you "don't have a creative bone in your body"? Think again. You have created the experience of life you are living. I'm not saying you created 100% of the circumstances in your life, but you have most certainly created 100% of the way you experience of your life. We choose how to meet each situation and circumstance which comes into our path. We may call it good, we may call it terrible, we may embrace and be joyful or we may resist and kick and scream. We may also choose to release the first reaction we have, and intentionally create a response which allows us to meet more productively each and every situation we encounter.
So... doesn't it make sense that we actually cultivate the ability to think creatively? Wouldn't it be great to encounter something and recognize that we have the ability to creatively meet every challenge in life?
The really wonderful thing about cultivating and practicing creativity is that it is fun! If we just keep thinking the same thoughts we always thought, and reacting the same way we've always reacted, life becomes dull, predictable, and definitely not something we are excited to greet each day.
Just like any other ability, our creativity is greatly enhanced when we actively choose to work with it on a regular basis. We exercise our creative mental muscles any time we intentionally choose NOT to accept the first thought that comes to mind. Any time we choose to re-think a reaction or look at something in a different way, we are engaging our creativity. Our ability to do these things can be enhanced by playing in the field of creativity each and every day. Here are some possibilities:
1. Pick up an object from the room you are in right now, and think of 10 different uses for it.
2. Make a sculpture or interesting arrangement out of the contents of your junk drawer. Take a photo of it.
3. Rearrange the artwork on your walls.What? You don't have any? MAKE SOME!
4. Commit to a 30 day creative practice. Google #CreativeSprint or look on Pinterest for some structured ideas.
5. Draw a picture of anything (literally anything!) with your non-dominant hand. This is not about outcome- it's about enlarging your ability to think differently.
6. Close your eyes, make a scribble on a piece of paper, then color it with crayons or markers. Enhance or embellish as much as you wish.
7. Make up new lyrics to a tune you know well.
8. See what story emerges from this starting line: "Looking at the polka-dotted sky with two of her eyes while watching the twins make dinner with the rest of her eyes, Lulubel pondered ______________________ ..."
9. Pick up some play-doh at the store (or better yet, Google instructions and make your own). Make a flower. Or a car. Or a necklace. Or a house. Or ...
10. Empty out the contents of your purse, wallet, or pockets. Create something.
Have fun. Take pictures. Share the pictures. Ask a friend to join you! The image up top is what happened when my sister and I shared the results of exercise #10. Exercising our creativity is important and pays huge dividends in our ability to live expansively. And did I mention? It's FUN!
Take pictures and send them to me. I love Show-n-Tell!