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Expressing God

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
"Releasing the things that are behind, I realize I AM strong, positive, powerful, wise, loving, fearless, free Spirit. I AM God expressing at the point I AM. I AM peace in the midst of ALL matters."(adapted from Chas. Fillmore, "Keep a True Lent")
Those of you who attend our Sunday gatherings will recognize this as our opening affirmation. I generally remind everyone that no, we're not each claiming to be the totality of That-Which-Is-Sometimes-Called-God, but that - just as the mountains, the canyons, the roadrunners, the saguaro, and the ocotillo are the Creative Life Force of the Universe in expression - so are we. Most of us don't have any problem looking at our beautiful sunsets and recognizing them as a Divine Expression of beauty, but plenty of us seem to be challenged to look in the mirror and say the same thing. We speak these words not to make it so, but to help our human personalities accept that it is already True.

Have you ever asked yourself what it is that the Divine Activity of Good is actually expressing at the point of you? We are not carbon copies of each other. Since we are each unique and necessary expressions of Divine Life, what is it that you - uniquely - bring to the Wholeness which Life is?

I do not believe we are here by some random occurrence. I believe there is purpose and reason for Life to have birthed each one of us as part of Its expression into form. Please, please, PLEASE do not read this as simply as restatement of the traditional assertion that "God has a plan for you". We are blessed with free will and the ability to use it.

I do believe that we ARE Infinite Goodness, expressing here, now, at the point we are in each and every moment. There is no separation. There is no "it" sending us challenges and keeping track of our choices and our actions. Infinite Good is, and we are That. We are That, in human form, here with the opportunity to be, do, and have, everything that Divine Life is.

We are also, undeniably, human. So were Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, and all our great spiritual teachers. I believe that there is a valid and wonderful reason for Life to express in human form, with all its apparent limitations and misunderstandings. And - please, please, PLEASE do not read this as simply another iteration of "it's all good". You know how I feel about that, and if you don't, please click here . I do not believe we are here to figure out how to opt-out of the human experience, but rather to use our human experiences to express our Divine identity in the world of form.

We tend to judge our spiritual progress by worldly standards. "I should be more like Mother Teresa." "I ought to be doing great things in the world." Our human, egoic mind thinks that fulfilling our spiritual purpose must certainly be some huge, grand thing. Unless we're off doing humanitarian work in third-world nations, or making big waves like Oprah or Deepak or Eckhart, we seem to think we aren't fulfilling our purpose. I think it's probably Oprah's job to be Oprah, and your job to be you. If you are Spirit expressing at the point of YOU, and you are, then YOUR presence here is important. It's as simple as that.

What if... your purpose is simply to Be who and What you are? To allow the masks of personality to fade away, and simply walk your path with integrity, with willingness, with compassion and care, and Be those Divine attributes you most admire, to the best of your ability. What if... you are already Good enough, as you are, where you are? What if... you allowed yourself to release the worry and concern that you're not really measuring up, and simply practiced willingness to pause, listen, and make the best possible choices based on the information available in that moment?

Most of us have things we do simply because we enjoy doing them. I enjoy doodling in my sketchbook. I enjoy reading. I enjoy listening to music. I enjoy singing. I enjoy witnessing nature. I enjoy learning by watching documentaries and laughing with my husband at old Hollywood musicals. I enjoy getting my hands messy by painting, gluing, and making things. I enjoy breathing ocean-filled air. None of these things necessarily has any obviously great import to them, yet I enjoy them. Much more importantly, there is something within me which knows that my expression of Life is more complete when I allow myself to enjoy them.

What if... Spirit- Divine Life- That Which is Sometimes Called God - simply enjoys expressing in human form? What if the Creative Urge of the Universe is most authentically expressing Its nature at the point of each of us when we are most authentically expressing and enjoying this precious human life, whether that is baking cookies for someone we love, collecting socks for the homeless, smiling at a clerk at the grocery store, or apologizing for hurting someone's feeling in a moment of thoughtlessness? What if... honoring our purpose is not all that complicated?

What if...?
Thank you for YOUR unique contribution Wholeness--- blessings -