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Fear Destroys, Truth Heals

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
Earlier this year I based my Sunday lessons on Emmet Fox's "Seven Main Aspects of God", one of which is Truth. (If you'd like to hear that talk, you can click here.) Contained within Fox's essay is the following statement:
"To know the Truth about any condition heals it. Jesus said, 'Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'. Truth is the great healer."
As I continued to work with that statement, questions arose, and my dialogue with Wisdom within me began. Is the Truth different depending on circumstances? Once we figure out what the Truth is, how does it heal? What is the process for doing this? How do we actually "know the Truth" about the conditions in our lives?
The first thing I realized we must remember is that all conditions are effects. Truth is the same for all effects or conditions: they are temporary. Only the Absolute is unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable. All conditions have a beginning, a middle, and will come to an end. ALL of them.  
As soon as the thoughts, feeling, beliefs and actions which gave birth to the condition change, the condition will change. So we don't need to "figure out" the Truth about each of the different situations and conditions in our lives; they are all outer effects, and they are all temporary. Simply remembering this can bring us a certain amount of comfort: this fear, anger, pain, confusion, chaos, etc. is not permanent. The "how-to" is to pause, breathe, acknowledge that the difficulty is painful or chaotic or whatever, but that it will change. It will end, and we will survive, because we are Infinite, eternal Spirit. It may not be fun, but we have Strength and Dominion (Power) within us.
So... let's look at fearful conditions. Fear is not True. It is a mental condition brought about by looking for peace and stability in the ever-changing outer things and conditions of the world. God - Good is Absolute. Fear is an effect of mistaken thoughts and beliefs. When we think we have what we want, we become afraid things will change and we will no longer enjoy this good situation. When we are in the midst of what we don't want, we're afraid that things WON'T change, that we'll be stuck in this unsatisfactory situation forever, and that probably things will get even worse!
Outer things never stay the same. Our puppy will become a dog, and one day its earthly life will end. If we think that our job is the source of our Good, we will suffer, living in fear that one day we'll lose the job and our Good will disappear. We recognize that our parent, who was so strong and vital and seemed so invincible when we were eight or ten years old, has aged and we begin to live in fear that one day they will die. And indeed, one day they will leave their bodies and move into whatever their "next good thing" is. We will miss them tremendously.
Truth is Real. Truth is eternal. Truth is sufficient. The same Life which sends water to the desert and Life to the newborn is the same Life which breathes our breath. That Life is eternal, reliable, and trustworthy. That Life is Spirit, indwelling and everywhere present. Good-Without-Opposite is not only omnipresent, it is Omnipresence.
Fear does not result in safety. Truth heals fear by allowing us to remember that that we are expressions of eternal Life, and that which is eternal cannot be harmed. Truth heals by allowing Faith to once again be our foundation.
Fear does not provide sustenance. Truth heals by reminding us that this is an inherently abundant Universe. ALL that we need is already present. There is no need for fear, nor any reason to feel lack. The Source of our Good is not limited- It is the Great UN-Limited, ever available in whatever form is most appropriate to our needs. When we pause and breathe, knowing Truth, it heals by allowing us to relax, consider our choices, and utilize our Judgement (Wisdom) and Will.
Fear does not provide comfort. Truth heals by grounding us in the peace which is at the core of us. We hear the birds chirping and remember that there is Order in the Universe, and that the same Love which gives them Life is our Life. When we pause and breathe, remembering Truth allows us to use our ears to hear, our eyes to see, and to stand in awe of the Universe. In those moments, we know the peace which is not available for purchase at any price.
The belief in fear - or chaos - or sickness - or lack - or betrayal - or death - or any of the painful conditions we encounter makes our life smaller. Truth heals by reminding us that the infinitely creative Energy of Divine Mind is always and endlessly expressing as whatever will best serve our highest good. Truth heals by bringing us to gratitude. We learn to appreciate ALL of the "things" which have reminded us to return to Center, to Source. In Truth, there is only Good, only Peace, only Love, only the Infinite I AM, within us always, eternal. This is the Truth of our Wholeness. This is the Truth which sets us free.