A positive path for spiritual living

Honesty, Integrity, Service

Thu, 03/30/2017 - 12:00am -- nstrauss

It's not any secret that I believe our spiritual lives need to be rooted in the practical day-to-day human lives we are each here living. On Sundays, I talk about Being That Which We Are, and share what (I hope) are helpful tools which allow us to bring our Beingness into our homes, our relationships, our jobs, even our behavior in rush hour and long lines at the grocery store. What all of this comes down to is making the shift from living in our ego-directed heads to allowing our open hearts to guide us, which means living our lives in a fuller awareness of the Truth of our Being. Every now and again, it's helpful to check out where we are and how we're doing with our intention to honor Truth as the expressions of the Divine we are.
Universal spiritual teachings tell us that we are eternal. We are also repeatedly told that NOW is the only moment in which we can grow, NOW is the only moment in which we can be useful. NOW is the only moment in which we can know God, by whichever name you prefer: Universal Mind, Good-Without-Opposite, the Infinite Field of All Possibility and Potential, etc. New Thought writer and teacher, Emmet Fox has this to say in Diagrams for Living:

"We must demonstrate on the level where we are. We must be doing our level best, and our level best is the highest we know at any particular stage of development.... The first duty is to start where you are and fulfill your responsibilities in the best way you know.... In short, there is no substitute for the spiritual growth that comes from doing one's daily duties. We must meet our family responsibilities, our business duties, and our obligation to the community if we want to grow in spiritual power."

Early Christian mystic Brother Lawrence agrees:

"The most excellent method of going to God is that of doing our common business without any view of pleasing people but purely for the love of God. It is a great delusion to think our times of prayer ought to differ from other times."
There is not life AND work or your spiritual path AND your career or God AND... anything! Ultimately we must learn to integrate the Wholeness of Life into every moment of our lives. Three major indicators of a well-integrated relationship between Spirit and work are:

As you read this, think about your work, whatever that is. It may be a paid position, it may be volunteer work, it may simply be the activities of your day: caring for grand-kids, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, or enjoying activities with friends or family. Do you feel basically at peace, knowing that you are doing good, honest work the best you can? Are you present to those around you?

Or do you feel a twinge of conflict, knowing that unwise shortcuts are taken, facts and figures are being fudged, or that you are participating in activities that do not reflect your highest and best efforts? Have you become friends with the phrase "situational ethics"? Or do you just know that you've become so bored with your work and life that you truly don't care? Does it seem like your primary work is simply clicking through Facebook?

If you are demonstrating anything less than honesty, integrity, and the spirit of service in your work - whatever that work is- perhaps it is time to take that into prayer and claim resolution. Examine your actions closely, and begin the process of coming into alignment with what is the highest and best possible work that you can do. Be scrupulous in your dealings with others, and see how that willingness to to take new steps in the direction of Spirit will begin to transform your life. Our lives really are the sum total of our many actions. Make yours count for you, not against you!

I honor the amazing expression of God you are...