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Interbeing, Wholeness, Easter, and Purpose

Thu, 03/29/2018 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
This week's lovely, warm weather allowed me to enjoy my first outdoor sunrise of the year, listening to bird-songs and watching spring emerge. The fairy duster plant is attracting its primary pollinators, bees and hummingbirds. This brings to my mind the word Thich Nhat Hanh uses to explain Wholeness: Interbeing, the concept that we are all One.
Even in awareness of our spiritual nature, we sometimes describe ourselves as separate, as though we are separated puzzle pieces, strewn about the Universe, trying to make ourselves fit back in. But in Truth, we are already connected, already complete, perfect, necessary, Whole. We are more than separate puzzle pieces finding our way to the realization of One. We are already intimately connected in ways we don't even recognize.
I am writing this with a pen on a piece of paper. The ink is contained in a plastic barrel. Living, breathing beings on our planet died thousands and thousands of years ago, the component parts of their physical bodies transformed over millennia into the petroleum from which the pen I'm writing with was manufactured. The paper I'm writing on was made from the clouds, which rained on the trees, which were also nourished by the sun, whose warmth I am enjoying now, in this moment. The trees provided habitat for birds, shelter for deer and foxes and snakes. Ultimately they were harvested by humans, processed with water from the lakes and rivers, and transformed into the notebook resting on my lap. The spiral binding holding the pages of my book is metal, mined from the earth by other humans, who knows when or where?
I'm sitting on a chair manufactured by still other humans, drinking coffee which grew on a mountain in South America. Occasionally, I can hear the breeze reflected in the ringing of a bell hanging outside my kitchen, a bell hand-made by artisans in a town a few hours from here. That bell was driven to Tucson in a vehicle power by yet another iteration of petroleum derived from those creatures who roamed our planet long, long ago.
And the fairy duster was planted 20 or so years ago by still another human who may or may not have marveled over the fact that some day, it might give immense pleasure to someone else, enjoying the opportunity to simply be present to Life expressing at this point on our planet.
Our physical bodies tend to feel separate, so we tend to believe we ARE separate, but we are not. We are the Universe (or multi-verse, or quantum field, or whatever...) right here, right now. We are That which is frequently called God, without beginning or end, here and now. Wholeness is not a far-off goal we are working towards. It is our interbeingness, now. What we do in each and every moment matters, precisely because we are not and could not ever be separate.
Emmet Fox told us we are "trustees for humanity". Charles Fillmore told us we are "overcomers" whose mission is to know and bring about the "New Jerusalem and new earth" for all of humankind. You contribute to the state of well-being of each and every creature with every kind, generous, and loving thought, word, or deed. You already are connected, whether or not your experience of Life "feels" like it.
This Sunday we celebrate the demonstration of the fully human expression of the Divine named Jesus, who walked a path of willingness to prove that death is an illusion, that Life is eternal. Knowing his Christhood, he taught lessons of Life, and assured us that everything he did, we could do, and even more. This human, named Jesus, showed us what faith in our Divinity could achieve.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we enjoy celebration, stillness, and intention together.