A positive path for spiritual living

My Prayer for today...

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 12:00am -- nstrauss

"Today I choose to receive and appreciate love and abundance on the spiritual plane,
where everything I truly desire can be found. I will seize every opportunity to quietly and privately give patience, gratitude, love, and abundance from my heart, knowing that my rewards will be great in the rich joys of Spirit. I Am Thankful!"

Rev. Ed Townley, "The Secret According to Jesus"
This is my prayer, my claim, my Truth. I am thankful the patience that allows me to remain calm when my human ego want to scream out. I am thankful for the willingness to think before I speak. I am thankful for the many aspects of Divinity which are my Truth, which are my identity.

Our physical bodies and personalities make it seem that we are separate, but we are not. I have thought myself to be separate, and the effect of that thought creates the experience of separation. My human thought does not make it true- it only creates the experience. When we believe ourselves to be separate, we get to live in a world of separation, instead of in the Truth of Wholeness.

When we find ourselves in conflict with another, we think that we are two separate
beings, one of whom is "right" and the other is "wrong". And, no surprise here- usually we are the ones who are "right"! If we imagine, however, that we are simply two lenses, each seeing from a slightly different perspective and not yet brought into focus with each other, it becomes easier to see that it is not a matter of right or wrong, it is simply a matter of each of us seeing exactly what it is that we see. Have you ever looked through binoculars which were out of focus? Each eyepiece was observing the same thing, but from different angles. As long as we insist that our particular view is the "right" one, we will remain out of alignment.

No matter how strongly we choose to believe in separation, there is no Truth in it. We can experience it all we wish, but that does not make it Truth. Just as we may choose to live in separation, we may choose to bring ourselves back into right alignment. Our basic tools of denial and affirmation can help us shift our view so that we once again see clearly.

"I freely release all mortal thoughts of lack or limitation. I freely brush away those cobwebs which obscure the Light. The person whom I perceive of as "wrong" is a unique and perfect expression of God, just as I am a unique and perfect expression of God.
"I make wise choices and decisions according to my best understanding, and I do so without making others "wrong". There is always an optimal choice, and I choose that which is Truth as my standard of choice.
"I choose peace. I choose understanding. I choose willingness. I align myself with the highest choice for all concerned. I choose to follow Divine Guidance, which always allows me to unfold my Good. I am blessed by all of those in my life, and I am a blessing to them as well. I am thankful. And so it is... amen.

As we continue to walk this path together, please know that I appreciate your willingness to receive and consider these words every couple of weeks. It is a blessing to know you are out there!