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Our Spiritual Unbilical Cord

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
"...prayer is more than asking God for help in this physical world; it is in its highest sense the opening up in our soul of an innate spiritual umbilical cord that connects us with the Holy Mother, from whom we can receive a perpetual flow of life. This is the beginning of eternal life for both soul and body, the essential teaching of Jesus, which he demonstrated in overcoming death." Charles and Cora Fillmore, from the forward to their book, "Teach Us to Pray".
For me, the image evoked by this statement is one of embryonic Beingness. Connectedness, Oneness, Source, eternally nourished, never separate. "God-ness" being birthed. We are that which is birthing us. We live in this womb of humanity, growing and developing into "something" so much more. We can't really imagine what... do you suppose any fetus can imagine what the next phase of its journey will be? An actual unborn human probably has more peace in its yet-to-be-born state than we do, yet - just as we will one day "die" to this human experience - the human embryo will also one day "die" to that stage of its human experience as it is born to live outside of its human maternal womb.
We are embryos in the process of birthing into... what? A few newsletters back, I wrote that we are all living in two worlds. We ARE spiritual Beingness living in/as/through a spiritual Universe, AND we are having a fully human experience. That is a fact for all of us, whether we realize it or not.
As humans, we are VERY attached to the things we want, love, and desire. We are also VERY attached to our resentments, our anger, our disappointments, and our should- and ought-to beliefs. That's apparently just the way humans are. Our times of prayer, mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, and just allowing ourselves to quietly "be" allow us to function more optimally as humans by helping us remember our spiritual identity. The choice to invest time in stillness allows us to rest from the non-stop background noise of worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety which seem to be an ongoing part of the human experience.
Recently I was engaged in a general conversation and the topic shifted to a current political issue. I was told I "should be very, very afraid" of the consequences of this particular issue. This happened to be an issue I really didn't know anything about, and I found myself suddenly focused like a laser-beam on that well intentioned advice. Part of my mind started to loop into beating myself up: "See! You don't watch the news, you don't read the paper, and here is this terrible thing that you don't even know about!" THAT part of my brain began getting louder and louder, trying to convince me that I should probably ask for more details, start googling this issue, and stop this stupid years-long choice to stop participating in the ever-shifting drama of "The News".
Thankfully, it seemed like the more shrill and noisy THAT voice became, the easier it was for me to recognize the other, quieter, smaller voice. No, thank you, I do not "need" to be afraid. No, thank you, I should not take on more worry around all the "what if..." situations in the world. No. Thank you, but no.
We do not serve the world by joining the mass hysteria around fear of this, anger at that, and worry about worst-case-scenarios. I absolutely believe it is important to be a good steward of humanity, and I do the work of informing myself about the things I can actually influence. I take my duties as a citizen seriously, and I cast informed, thoughtful ballots. But I have found that the ability to do that does not require my day-to-day participation in the "awfulizing" which seems to be the nature of the news media at this time in history.
I do believe there is such a thing as collective consciousness, and the Law of Mind Action affects us collectively, just as it does individually. Just as my individual human life reflects the general tone of my own individual consciousness, our entire human world reflects the general tone of our collective consciousness. Being a good steward of humanity does not require me to add more fear, worry, doubt or anxiety to that collective consciousness.
Being a good steward requires each of us to remain grounded in our spiritual foundation, and to remember that we are ALWAYS connected, Whole, complete, nourished and well cared-for. Being a good steward of humanity requires us to regularly close the door on the outer noise and discord, and having shut that door, intentionally remember Source.
Being a good steward of humanity requires us to be responsible for the only part of collective consciousness we can control, and that is our own consciousness. Are we adding fear or clarity to the mix? Are we adding worry and anxiety or Peace? Are we adding the expectation of bad-turning-worse or are we holding the expectation of the demonstration of Good-Without-Opposite which is our True birthright? It is not your duty to be afraid. It is your duty to choose wisely. 
It is a blessing to travel this fully-human, fully-divine journey with you. Thank you for your wise choices and good stewardship...blessings and namaste!  Nita