A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • We've Got Tools #14 - Freedom

    We celebrate Independance Day each year by celebrating our status as free citizens of our nation. It is also a very good time to think about the only things which can truly hold us in bondage; and that would be our own thoughts of lack and limitation.


    Song: I am the Thinker

    Artist:  Sue Riley
    CD: I Am the Thinker
    This CD is available from emPOWER Music and Art website: http://www.empowerma.com/catalog/26/cds/IamtheThinker

    Song: Relax, Let Go

    Artist:  Karen Drucker
    CD: Songs of the Spirit III

    Her songs can also be found on iTunes and Amazon.com.

    Song: Today

    Artist: Cathy McGill


    Song:- I Allow

    Artist: Teri Wilder

    CD: Magical Moment

    Song: If you Want to be Free

    Artist: Devotion, written by Robert Anderson
    Music by performed by Devotion (written by Robert Anderson) can be found on their website.


  • Victim or Victor? It's Your Choice

    Using the inspirational story of one of her heros, Board Member and SEE Student Susan Smith reminds us that we are not ever victims, unless we choose to be. Celebrate your freedom!

  • Jesus and the Christ

    Susan Sellers (Licensed Unity Teacher candidate) explains what we actually mean when we talk about Jesus, our Wayshower, and the Christ, which is within each of us.

  • We've Got Tools #13 - The Golden Key

    New Thought speaker and writer Emmett Fox wrote a brilliant essay, instructing us that, no matter what our trouble was, seeing God instead was the solution. It sounds so simple, and indeed, it is not complicated. It is also extremely effective.

  • We've Got Tools - Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is a choice you make, time after time after time. AND- forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. Sometimes it really is all about you.

  • We've Got Tools - Power of Positive Music

    Find out what the spiritual tool of music can do to enhance your life!

  • Unity Basics #10 - The "T" Word (Tithing!)

    Tithing is an important spiritual tool which helps us to cultivate generosity, which helps ground us in the Divine Flow of Abundant living. Join in!


  • Called to Be - Faith Rivera (with music)

    We were so blessed by Faith's visit! Enjoy this message with music from emmy-winning singer-songwriter, Faith Rivera. We are each called to be ALL of what we are, and music can help us to do that.

  • Mother's Day - Divine Motherhood

    Yes, God is Principle. AND - God is very personal! As Emilie Cady tells us, just because we have come into understanding of God as Principle (omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience) we are not required to lose the personal comfort of God as caring, love, and support. We live in paradox; as fully human, fully divine Beingness, we navigate much of our human lives in forgetfulness. Our work is to awaken and remember.

  • Unity Basics #7 - The Twelve Powers

    We've got a set of teachings which can help us to develop any aspect of our divinity which will help us in any moment and any circumstance: our Twelve Powers. Here's a quick introduction and overview of a big piece of Unity metaphysics.