A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • 04/29/2018 Forgiveness- No Matter What (again!)

    Here in the world of humans muddling through doing the best they can (which doesn't always seems so very good), we seem to need to blame someone or something for everything in our lives which doesn't meet our expectations. We get hurt, challenged, things don't go the way we wish they would, and we start making up stories. Generally, those stories center on the perception that nothing wrong is our fault; it's always because of that person, or this economy, or those political parties, or .... At some point, we need to forgive. We need to give up the stories, and give good for the error we perceive in the world. We must forgive, period. There is no loophole, no getting off on a technicality. We must forgive. Teri Wilder is our very special guest artist. 

  • 04/22/2018 - Earth Day: We Really Are One

    When we see the "Blue Marble" photo of the earth taken from space, it is easy to see that we are indeed One. No boundaries, no politics, no societal divides, no flags, no separation, just Oneness. From our viewpoint here on earth, it's not always so easy to remember. On this Earth Day, we are reminded that care and compassion are important, as we must respect and care for one another, for the animals with whom we share this world, and indeed we must care for this Blue Marble we call 'home".

  • 04/15/18 Normal Day Blessings

    It can be easy to think that if we do everything "just right", we'll be spared the day-to-day work of life. Every normal day is an opportunity to awaken to the many, many blessings which pass by unnoticed each and every day.

  • 04/08/18 We Are All Blessed, with guest artist Sky Nelson

    Sometimes it's hard to remember, but we are all already blessed. We are all already whole, complete, perfect. We are all, already exactly what we wish to be. Physicist and musical artist Sky Nelson joins us, sharing his creativity and musical gifts..

  • 04/01/18 Easter Sunday, with White Stone Ceremony

    It's Easter Sunday, and time to celebrate the opportunity to live our lives from a renewed state of mind and heart. Our tradition of the White Stone meditation allows space to pause, focus within, and discern the focal point of our spiritual path.

  • 03/25/18 Sometimes the Hero's Journey Hurts

    Our human, egoic mind really wants to believe that if we do everything just right- say the perfect affirmations, read all the right books, do everything the way it "ought" to be done, that our lives will be happy, chirpy, rainbows and lollipops every day. In Truth, that doesn't seem to be the way things are. Sometimes life hurts. Sometimes we don't know what to do. Sometimes we just need to breathe ourselves through it with faith that we can.

  • 03/18/18 Overcoming, Imagining, and Purpose

    Unity's co-founder, Charles Fillmore, was pretty adamant about our mission: according to him, our mission is to bring forth the "New Jerusalem and the New Earth". Our mission is to do whatever it is we can imagine is possible to God, and to overcome the illusions of lack and limitation. How's that?

  • 03/11/18 Wholeness Through the Practice of Sabbath

    It is important that we invest time in Silence. This is where we "hear" the guidance which is most helpful along the journey. We're allowed to rest. We're allowed to stop every now and again. Not only are we allowed these pauses, but we must make use of them. Sue Nyhus, one of our Licensed Unity Teachers, shares her wisdom with us for today's lesson.

  • 03/04/18 Wisdom, Conservation, and Lent

    Our focus this week is on the wise use of our spiritual energies. We are powerful, and we can use our power wisely, or deplete it through thoughtless words and actions. Guess which is more productive?

  • 02/25/2018 Love, Community, Imagination, and Lent

    This week, we look at Love expressed as community, and use our Lenten focus of Imagination to bring shape and form to our intention of peace on Earth.