A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • In the Beginning...

    We are an integral part of the Creative Process. If we are "made in the image and the likeness" of the Life-Force of the Universe (and we are), then we must be inherently creative. In fact we are always creating. Our work is to learn how to cooperate intelligently with that process.

  • Choose Freedom

    We have a tendency to think we have to earn our freedom, or somehow prove our worthiness. The Truth is, we are already free. We already have all we need. Our human mind want to keep looking here, there, everywhere, but that only keeps us looking. It is time to begin living the freedom which is already ours.

  • I Believe ... Help My Unbelief!

    Faith can be tricky! We believe, and we're very firm in our belief... until we're not. We can beat ourselves up about our lack of faith, or we can recognize when we need a bridge to help us take the necessary leap to our next level of trust. NOTE: Audio quality isn't great on this one...

  • Father's Day - Doing the Best We Can

    As with Mother's Day, there's a huge range of emotions people experience around Father's Day. We acknowledge that some of us had the world's greatest dads, and others... well, not so much. Looking to the principle behind fathers, we remember that fathers represent that which can tell Truth from error, and that as we understand better, we can do better. And... everyone, fathers, mothers, families, friends, politicians, EVERYONE is always doing the best they can.

  • Prescription for Peace: Relax, Release, Praise, Repeat

    Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the day-to-day troubles, and start making things way more complicated than they need to be. Today we revisit very basic Unity tools: relaxation, denials - release, praise - affirmations, and through the continued repetition of these things, we craft our spiritual practice.

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #7 - Principle

    This week we conclude our journey through Emmet Fox's "The Seven Main Aspects of God", with a look at God as Principle- Absolute, Unchanged, Unchanging, Unchangeable. We align ourselves with this ever-dependable Source, meeting each of our human obstables with the aspect of Divinity which will be most helpful in any given moment or situation.

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #6 - Spirit

    We are told that "God is Spirit" - Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence - all Knowing, all Power, everywhere present. Learning to trust Spirit, instead of the outer-based evidence of our eyes, ears, nose, fingers, etc., can be very challenging. This, however, is how we learn to recognized the Kingdom of the Heavens in our midst.

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #5 - Soul (Individuality)

    We are the Divine Life of the Univers expressing, AND we are also fully human, with personalities which encompass the sum total of our consciousness and our subconsconsciousness. Our journey is one of integration and awareness, learning to bring our spirituality into ever-greater expression through our humanity. Like many things along the spiritual journey, it's not easy.

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #4 - Intelligence (Wisdom - Intuition)

    On Mother's Day, we invest a bit of time to the concept that EVERYONE - regardless of gender - is an expression of the creative, nurturing energy of the Universe. So Happy Mother's Day to YOU! Continuing with Emmet Fox's essay around the Seven Main Aspects of God, we look at what he terms "Intelligence", which is really wisdom.... intuition... the truly Divine Intelligence which is expressing as each one of us.

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #3 - Love

    Love is what we are. Love is what holds us together. Love is how we are to show up in the world. It's not necessarily what we think of first when we think of love, but it's what we are here to be.