A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • Prosperity's Third Commandment

    In this third lesson, we look at "Speak No Word of Limitation", and how important it is to honor our sacred name, I AM. We are frequently quite lazy in the words we speak, and tend to not really pay attention to ourselves. Refraining from "taking the name of the Lord in vain is probably more far-reaching than you think.

  • Prosperity's Second Commandment

    Continuing our series based on Georganna Tree West's Unity Class, Prosperity's Ten Commandments, we look at "You Shall Make No False Images". In the Bible, the wording reminds us not to worship "graven images" or "false idols"... and we take this as a reminder not to hold thoughts and images of lack or limitation in consciousness.

  • Prosperity's First Commandment

    We are not meant to live in a constricted, fearful manner. We are meant to live abundantly! Open arms, open minds, open hearts, welcoming and accepting of the infinite Good which is God.

  • A Foundation of Prayer

    Those of us in Unity claim the aspiration that everything we do has its foundation in prayer. Beginning with co-founder Myrtle Fillmore's physical healing, we have held ourselves, each other, and the world at large in prayer for over 125 years. We align with the highest Truth we know, and move "in the Godward direction" to find the still, quiet wisdom within each of us.

  • A Healing Prayer Service

    Human life is hard sometimes. Between hate-based violence, divisive politics, and weather-related catasrophes, the loving work of prayer has never been more important. Unity (and most all of New Thought) was founded in the healing power of prayer. It's time to get back to our roots.

  • Label Jars Not People

    Susan Smith, LUT Cand., reminds us of the ways labels can limit and harm us. We need to recognize our own use of labels, regarding others and ourselves, and remember that "love" is a verb, not an emotion.

  • Be the Sign of the Times You Want to See

    Licensed Teacher Candidate Susan Smith achknowledges that it's been a rough week. We need to feel our feelings and admit the facts of our life. She gives us some helpful instructions about navigating change, working with Unity principles, and being an active proponant of cultural change. And, yet another quote is sourced and found to NOT originate where you probably think it does!

  • Creative Process - Sabbath

    We've worked through the steps represented by the first six days of the creation process, and now it's time to rest from "efforting". This is the time for trust, continuing our focus on creating our good. We live our lives in alignment with the choices we're making, and we allow ourselves to be still and know. And, by the way, the quote referenced in the beginning is NOT from Mark Twain...

  • Creative Process - Love and Wisdom

    With faith, with clarity, with understanding and will, we align our thinking and feeling natures. We make our eye "single", and remember to focus on Wholeness.

  • Creative Process - Understanding and Will

    As we move through the creative process, it's vital that we understand and gain clarity around precisely what it is we're working toward. Once we have fuller understanding, we exercise our will to do what we must do. We must remain aligned in consciousness with our highest intentions.