A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #2 - Truth

    Continuing our exploration of Emmet Fox's essay around the Seve Main Aspects of God, today we look at Truth: relative truth (aka "facts") and Absolute Truth. Facts - relative truth - changes. Absolute Truth is unchanged, unchanging, unchangeable. It is eternal, and we can count on it. We know Truth - Principle - Law - God is good-without-opposite. So our work is to know Truth wherever there seem to be "errors". Master Teacher Jesus taught that we should know the Truth and the Truth will make us free.

  • The Seven Main Aspects of God: #1- Life

    New Thought teacher and writer Emmet Fox one of Nita's first spiritual teachers, through his book, The Sermon on the Mount. His writing is clear, it is concise, and his priority was always to teach how we put our New Thought principles into action in our day-to-day lives. If we are That-Which-is-Sometimes-Called-God in expression at the point we are (and we are!), then it will be very helpful to know what "That" is. Since God is indefineable, infinite, unlimited, and unable to be named or labeled, we can look at some of the main attributes within Spirit for guidance. Our first focal point is Life: God is Life.

  • Easter - White Stone Meditation

    On Easter, we celebrate the rising of consciousness into the eternal Christ. There is no death! We honor our brother, Jesus, who did the work of leading us into this higher expression of Truth, and we allow ourselves to listen. What is ours to do?

  • Palm Sunday - Meditation for Peace (with gongs)

    Today, we honored Jesus' entry to Jerusalem with a meditation for peace. Our good friend, Teri Wilder, was with us today, and provided the opening gong sequence.

  • Lent: Overcoming

    Whatever the obstacles or challenges in our lives, there is a path of overcoming. When we are able to put aside our human fears, worries, doubts, concerns, and all of the other mental games which keep us from our Good, we are able to perceive that Omnipresence of Infinite Good. We are able to rest, and know that all is well.

  • Lent: Sabbath, Faith, Trust, Intention

    At a point in our journey, we must find a place of trust. We must cultivate faith, which allows us to trust, that we can rest from our personal efforts, and allow Spirit to be primary. Sabbath means more than just not working. It means truly trusting that we are One, that we are eternal, that we are That Which Is.

  • Honoring our Lenten Intentions

    We have all sorts of inner resources; we speak of them frequently as the Twelve Powers (or faculties or abilities...). Just as we shouldn't squander our natural resources, it is important to recognize the Source of our Good, and to use our Divine qualities for their highest purpose.

  • The Tentpole of Your Life

    What is the primary thought or idea of your life? Is it helpful and affirming? Guest Rev. Brenda Frost explains.

  • Lenten Intentions

    We look at the Lenten season as one of intentional spiritual growth. What does that mean to you? What does it mean to honor an intention?

  • Living Truth Requires Action

    We're wrapping up our look at Unity basic principles, and this is where we follow the advice to "put feet to our prayers." It is not enough to know Truth, we must also LIVE the Truth we know. And... here's a little acronym to help you remember the 5 principles: OOMPA!  There is only One Power, we are created in a state of Original Good, the activity of our Mind creates our experience of Life, Prayer and meditation are our tools, and Action is a must.