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Transforming Consciousness

Thu, 06/08/2017 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
If Unity were to declare a creed, it would probably be something along the lines of:
"God is Good ALL the time, no exceptions. There is only One Power, One Presence - God - Good Without Opposite - active in all areas of my life, my body, my business, my relationships. God = Good = Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence."

Do we really believe this? Do I really believe it? Asking myself this question, I'm instantly reminded of the words of the worried father to Jesus: "I believe! Oh, God... help my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24)
One of the things I've always appreciated about Unity is our grounding upon co-founder Charles Fillmore's belief that "Religion is an experience to be demonstrated. Religion can and must change lives, and through changed lives, the world." (The Unity Way of Life, Marcus Bach, p.9)
My life has been changed, and I do believe that my transformed consciousness has changed the world. I imagine the mind of the world, the collective human consciousness, to be like a balance scale: there is a certain portion of that consciousness which lives from a baseline belief in the inevitability of struggle, conflict, fear, doubt, worry, and the like. There is also a portion of that same collective human consciousness which operates from the baseline conviction that the One Presence, the One Power we sometimes call God is Good, always available, and that peace is always an option. That there is ALWAYS a blessing to be claimed, even if we cannot yet recognize it. Just as a soup or stew or casserole's flavor is made up of the combined flavor of its ingredients, this human, collective consciousness at any given time is the result of the individual beliefs which make up the whole.
For much of my life, my own human consciousness was contributing to the darkness of our collective consciousness. My personality being the reflection of my human beliefs, I was pretty firmly on the side of "Life sucks then you die." I could go on and on justifying that belief, but the bottom line is that I no longer align with that statement. Through the renewing of my mind, I have come to believe that we will probably always have opportunities to suffer, but that it is our choice whether to accept the darkness or to claim the Light. I have transformed my thoughts, and through that activity of mind, I have helped shift the balance of the scale of human consciousness to favor the Omnipresence of Good. My life HAS been changed, and through my one, precious life, I believe the world has been changed.
This doesn't mean that I don't still experience fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, anger, or the rest of the whole gamut of human emotion. It doesn't mean that I don't still look at the balance in my checkbook with an acute awareness that payroll, insurance, taxes, and the VISA bill are all coming due at the same time. What it means - to me - is that I am more able to pull myself back to an awareness that Good IS present, whether I can see it clearly or not. I know the sun is still shining, sill radiating its Life-giving Light, even on the coldest, grayest day. I know that Infinite Good is always present. I can more easily remember that I am free to focus on the cold, gray hopelessness, or shift my attention to Truth.
This change didn't happen overnight - far, far from it! I suspect it's been lifetimes in the making, but I can see and taste the fruit of the spiritual work which I have made a priority. I can see how the simple tools of denials, affirmations, contemplation, meditation, loving-kindness, music, prayer, visioning, study, and all of the other spiritual tools which I have learned through my spiritual journey have actually done what I was told they would do: transform my life through the transformation of my thoughts, renewing my mind, changing my life, and thereby changing the world.

Is there still work to be done? Oh my gosh, YES! I have become less stressed about the outcome, however. I have learned the value of widening my perspective, and learning what a gift spiritual patience truly is. I have learned the futility of trying to control everything and everyone in my life, and I have almost become willing to release the idea that my way of seeing things is the right way of seeing things. I am more certain than ever of what is the best path for me, and I am much more willing (most of the time) to let you figure out what the right path is for you.

Is there still suffering in my life? Yes. And I know there is also a path which lessens that suffering. The Buddha and Jesus and innumerable other Masters have taught that the troubles of this world will always be with us. They also taught that there is another way, a way that leads from suffering to peace. Jesus and Buddha both also said that if these things were not True, they would not have told us it is so. My willingness to agree with this Truth has not come about because of some huge magical experience which picked me up and somehow transported me to another level of knowing, but through hundreds of thousands of moments of choice. Life is choices, and it is our choice whether we contribute to the power of Good or the appearance of darkness. As always, on behalf of myself and all of those with whom we share this world, I appreciate your wise choices.

I honor the amazing expression of God you are... and I am thankful you are in the world!