A positive path for spiritual living

Two Realms, One Life

Thu, 09/28/2017 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
I know that a frequent response to my repeated claim that in Truth there is only Good, is "yeah ... that sounds good, but...". We do not have to look very far to see all sorts of evidence that all is not Good in this world. Our human eyes see devastation, carnage, suffering, hatred, and all sorts of not-good being manifested all over this globe we call home.
The first thing we need to get really clear about is that, as Spirit, we have our core existence in the realm of the Absolute. As humans, we live firmly rooted in the world of relative things. Here's how our text, Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck, explains it:
"It is most important to gain a clear understanding of the relationship between the Absolute and relative. The relative world, or world of the senses, certainly seems to exist, but it does not exist independently from the Absolute Realm. It comes into manifestation solely through the formative power of thought. Since the relative world is a product of thought and feeling, it is not ultimate or eternal in nature, even though it may seem so from our human perspective."
Truth (with a capital T) is sourced in the realm of the Absolute, Good-without-opposite, which is unchanged, unchanging, unchangeable. As expressions of Wholeness, we are infinite, eternal, complete, perfect, and have within us the wisdom to know that All is well and truly Good. We are One, eternal and limitless. As we are able to live in that awareness, we can recognize omnipresent Good, no matter what may appear within our human experience.
As spiritual Beingness experiencing life through the human lens, we have the ability to view human goings-on from the perspective of the Christ mind. This allows us to know that despite our human stumblings, this is an orderly universe. What may appear as chaos will, if we choose, ultimately reveal itself to be the interim working out in human consciousness of Infinite Good.
That little phrase, "if we choose" is where humankind's free will comes in. As expressions of Spirit, we are created in the image and likeness of our Source, which is the creative energy of the universe. The material world takes its shape and form from the myriad of choices made by us and is made in the image and likeness of our collective belief and understanding.
Fear is prevalent because as humans we are fearful. Struggle exists because as humans we believe we must struggle. Lack, limitation, disease, and everything else we might term "evil" or "bad" exists because of the misguided choices of our collective human consciousness. We look at the outer effects of our misguided choices and think they are Real. They are no more Real or True than a baby's belief that mommy and daddy have ceased to exist because they have left her line of sight while playing peek-a-boo.
As humans, we are babies, believing in the reality of illusory circumstances. As Spirit Expressing, we are strong, positive, powerful, wise, loving, fearless, and free. Every moment of our human experience presents an opportunity for us to choose to live in Truth, knowing and experiencing the Good-Without-Opposite which is always present. We who have awareness of Truth are called upon to live the Truth we know. This means making moment-by-moment choices which reflect that Truth.
What does that look like? It looks like refraining from gossip, catching ourselves when we start to complain, and finding something to praise instead. It looks like recognizing news of the latest terror attack as a call to prayer, not fear. It looks like loving your neighbor, even if they are waving a flag you find abhorrent. It looks like willingness to examine our habitual behaviors and admit that if we want the world to change, we must change. It looks like speaking Truth in the face of injustice, and taking actual human steps to repair the damage done in the past. It means behaving in ways which demonstrate compassion. Not pity, but compassion.
The ability to do these things requires us to cultivate the awareness to recognize opportunities for change. This requires a genuine commitment to practice. If you do not have a spiritual practice, commit to one. If you do have a regular sacred practice, strengthen it or add another level of action. And if you know you're in a spiritual rut, shake yourself awake. Do what you have to do!
Ask and answer this question: how can I lessen the chaos and increase peace in the world today, right here, right now, right where I am with the resources I have? Once you have the answer, do that thing. Each and every one of us can do something, each and every day. The world will benefit and you will benefit.
In Truth, there is only Good, and you are It. Live that.