A positive path for spiritual living

Be Presence, Present

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 12:00am -- nstrauss

How are you? Really, have you been pausing occasionally to pay attention to what's happening around you? Have you been getting enough rest? Have you actually looked in the eyes of the humans around you to connect?

As I mentioned in my last note to you, it can be a challenge to just enjoy the holidays as they are without adding expectations - internal and external - into the mix. All those "shoulds" and "ought to..." thoughts can seriously interfere with our enjoyment of the season. Pausing every now and again to simply acknowledge who and What you are in that particular moment can help you to put things in perspective and stay more aware of what will most nurture you (and those around you) in any given moment.

Chances are, the material gifts you give (and receive) will be greatly appreciated, enjoyed immensely, and at some point in the not-too-distant future used up, worn out, put aside, discarded or otherwise forgotten. Your unique and sacred gift of Presence will never be used up or worn out or put aside and forgotten. A kind word, a smile, or a heartfelt expression of love and appreciation will never be the wrong size or style, and will live on in the heart of the receiver forever. Perhaps your authentic Presence will inspire them to speak more kindly, and express their love and appreciation more freely. Those gifts of Presence grow, ripple forth, and never disappear.

There's nothing new here. Nothing you haven't heard before. You know this stuff already. You have within you all of the Wisdom of the Universe. You have within you all of the Love, all of the Peace, all of the Creative Energy of Life. Pause every now and again and just remember. Celebrate the Light you are. Tell someone you appreciate them.

I appreciate you- yes, you. I am honored you are choosing to read these words, and thankful that are open to living your sacred life in the most optimal manner possible. I am blessed by your willingness to live in awareness of Wholeness. Every moment of awareness experienced by any one of us increases the amount of Light and Love expressing in our collective human consciousness, and this only adds to the collective Good showing up in the world. What you do and how you show up matters. I am thankful for your gift of Presence.

In celebration of the Wholeness we are ... blessings! I look forward to seeing you soon.