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Being a Good CItizen

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 11:32am -- nstrauss
Like many of you (and probably most who call this nation home), I have been struggling with what "being a good citizen" means today. I came of age during that chaotic period of the late 6os-early 70s, and I felt frustratingly out of sync at that point: I was old enough to be disillusioned, but too young to do anything about it. When I could finally cast my first presidential ballot, I very proudly voted against the one I perceived to be "bad". That "bad" candidate won, and my sense of disillusionment grew.
Over the years, I have voted "for" three candidates, and they all won. In every other election, I voted "against", and each of the candidates I opposed also won. I'm certainly not claiming any electoral super-powers, but my own voting record, combined with my increased awareness and understanding of how the Universe works have taught me that clarity of intention is very, very important. I have learned the wisdom of St. Paul's advice that we place our actions and energies toward whatever is good and pleasing, because the bottom line is that we - collectively - will reap the effect of what we - collectively - sow. If we are focusing primarily on how awful everything is, calling each other names, and expecting the worst possible outcome, that is generally what we will receive.
My heart breaks when I recognize the seeds of fear and hatred being sown by people inhabiting all areas of the political spectrum. It is physically painful to see and hear the ugliness we are speaking to and about one another. It hurts my soul to see the toll this is taking on people, no matter what their political opinions. I wonder what kind of world we are creating to hand over to our babies, and whether "Peace on Earth, Good Will to ALL" is actually possible, as I have repeatedly claimed. I ask myself what it means to be a good citizen of the planet. I ask myself what is mine to do. Am I truly working FOR the betterment of the world or am I again raging AGAINST something I perceive to be "bad". I know that every time I label something "bad" someone will disagree with me. Yet surely, some things really are wrong, aren't they? 
Our Master Teacher, Jesus, assured us that the Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst, within and among us. The Buddha taught the eternal law that hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed. I contemplate our Unity principles and ask myself whether I really believe them. Is there really only One Power, One Presence, Good-Without-Opposite? Are we each, as expressions of the One, also Divine and Good? Do I believe that our beliefs create our experience? Do I truly believe, as Unity co-founder did, that if we can imagine something is possible to God it is also possible to us? Again- do I really believe that Peace on Earth Good Will to All is possible?
Yes, I do. I really, truly do. 
Believing that, I must make the commitment to bring my thoughts and actions into alignment with what is most important to me. For me, being a good citizen of the planet means remembering my highest imagining of the expression of Good, and making certain that everything I think, do, and say supports that. When I catch myself fighting against what I don't want, speaking badly of those with whom I disagree, or EXPECTING the next bad piece of news to come out, being a good citizen means holding myself accountable for those thoughts, words, actions, and expectations, and realigning myself with Truth. No one else can do my work in consciousness except me. No one else can do your work in consciousness except you.
We each - every single one of us - have inner and outer work to do if we really want to hand this world over to our babies in better shape than we received it. I don't know what specifically that means for you. You are the only one who can discern your wise acts of good citizenship.
Chances are, sometimes my human opinion will not agree with your innate wisdom, and I must remain willing to love you anyway. Chances are, at some point your human opinion will be that I'm not doing enough, or not doing the right thing, or you'll think I'm overstepping my boundaries. I hope you will be willing to love me anyway.
We are Spirit: strong, positive, powerful, wise, loving, fearless free Spirit, Good-Without-Opposite expressing at the point each one of us is. As long as we also remain willing to remember that, and to align our thoughts and actions to that Truth, we can be assured that we are sowing seeds of Good.
In peace, in Light, in Love--  blessings, Nita