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VIDEO 04/12/2020: Easter Sunday, White Stone Ceremony

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 8:33am -- nstrauss

It has been our community tradition to engage in the White Stone Ceremony on Easter Sunday each year, and this is no different. Well, of course it IS different- we're all practicing safe social distancing and meeting online! And... within our spiritual journey, we are still to "go into our closet" and pray. That has not changed. Click here for the video.

Fear, Anger and Compassion

Thu, 04/02/2020 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
Hello! It is good to know that you are out there reading this. I'm finding this period of physical distancing to be quite an odd experience- I suspect you are as well. I was watching some program the other day, and a group of friends met up for dinner in a restaurant. When they saw each other, of course there were hugs and kisses and all sorts of NOT social distancing. I caught myself thinking how long ago it seems that we were simply able to share a meal, face to face at the same table in restaurant, and give each other a hug.


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