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Got Questions? FAQ

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When are your services?
At this time, we're meeting virtually. Rev. Nita is presesnting a Sunday lesson on Facebook Live at 10:30am on Sundays, which is available at any time afterwards through our Facebook page, or  here on the website. If you’d like to hear audio from a Sunday service, click here.

We also enjoy two contemplative services: on Sundays, we gather together in Silence at 8:50am – 9:30am, and on Wednesday, we pray and meditate together at 9:45 – 10:15am. Both of these services have a facilitator who opens and closes the meeting in prayer. In between, we enjoy sacred Silence. We've recently added a third session of stillness with meditation on Monday evenings at 6pm.

What is the dress code?
Be comfortable! Some folks enjoy dressing in their “Sunday best”. Others enjoy wearing shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. All are welcome! Wherever you are on the wardrobe spectrum, our focus is always on the inner journey.

What are your office hours?
At this time, we are completely virtual and do not have a physical presence. If you need to contact us, the quickest response will be via email. You may also leave a message on our phone, 520-274-9226, and someone will return your call. Messages are usually checked daily, but again- the fastest response will be through email.

Are you a church?
We consider ourselves to be a center where people come together for spiritual edication, celebration, and community. On Sunday mornings, that tends to look a lot like what has traditionally been called “church”. We gather, we sing, we pray, we have a lesson (in Unity, we call the Sunday message a lesson rather than a sermon), an offering is accepted, and we close with prayer and song. During the week, we offer classes, periods of meditation, and provide a space for folks to investigate their spiritual beliefs. So whether you’re looking for “church” or "non-church", we hope you’ll see something which serves your spiritual unfoldment.

Do you have Sunday school for kids?
At this time, we do not have Sunday school or childcare.

What kind of classes do you offer?
Primarily, we offer Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) classes. If you are interested in becoming a credentialed Unity leader, whether to become a Licensed Unity Teacher or to complete your prerequisites to becoming a Unity minister, we offer nearly all of the classes you’ll be required to complete before beginning Leadership Development classes which are offered at Unity Village.

I’d like to become a Licensed Unity Teacher or a Unity minister. What do I do?
Wow! First, breathe deeply. Read more for  info about becoming a teacher or info about becoming a minister, Please know that Rev. Nita would love to speak to you and support you along your journey.

Do you offer counseling services?
Rev. Nita offers spiritual counseling services. This type of counseling is offered with the intention of helping you open the door to the Divine wisdom within yourself. Spiritual counseling is NOT psychological therapy. It is not intended as an ongoing series of sessions. Most folks who seek spiritual counseling do so because they find themselves stuck in some manner, and would like to utilize spiritual tools and principles to help get going again. Frequently, there is only one meeting, which may last about an hour. Please visit the Special Services section of our website for more information or email Rev. Nita.

What about the Bible?
Unity and other New Thought folks tend to have a wide range of response and reaction to the Bible! Some of us look to it as a source of wisdom and guidance, others want nothing to do with it. Unity has historically and traditionally considered the Bible to be its basic textbook, but don't worry if you've never really bonded with it! We look at the Bible metaphysically, not literally. What that means is that we do not teach that the Bible is the “word of God” and that it is supposed to rule our lives. We do teach that, appropriately interpreted, the Bible is a sacred text containing a great deal of wisdom.  Unity co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore taught that the Bible stories and characters represent states of consciousness within each of us, and that studying the wisdom of the Bible can be very helpful to us as we travel along the spiritual path.

If you’re interested in exploring the Bible metaphysically, you are greatly encouraged to attend SEE Bible classes as they are offered. At any time, you will find a huge amount of information and teaching around the Bible through “Interpret This”  , a Bible blog by Unity minister, Rev. Ed Townley, as well as his Unity Online radio program, “The Bible Alive” .