A positive path for spiritual living


As you explore Unity, you'll come across the term Metaphysics, which simply means, "beyond the physical". It is our understanding that there is more to life than the physical world which we experience in our day-to-day living. Beside the human self and ego-self, we are Divine and have a Divine Identity. Besides the literal and historical value of the Bible, there is meaning in the stories and characters which apply to our lives and which consititue a sort of guidebook to the spiritual journey. We sometimes refer to Unity as metaphysical Christianity, meaning simply that there is meaning beyond what is generally thought of as Christianity. Our theology is a theology of metaphysics. Bottom line- don't worry about the term too much right now, as you are naturally pulled to learn and study it will come to have more meaning.

From our reference book, The Revealing Word, we have thIs definition:

"metaphysics--The systematic study of the science of Being; that which transcends the physical. By pure metaphysics is meant a clear understanding of the realm of ideas and their legitimate expression." A "metaphysician" is one skilled in this science; a student and teacher of the laws of Spirit.