A positive path for spiritual living

Our Leadership

Our Board Members are:

Larry Bearden (President), Susan Smith (Vice President) Birke Earl (Secretary), Marc Colbeck (Treasurer), Jon Strauss (member at large)

Our Unity Leadership Council:

We believe in open and inclusive leadership. It has been our aspiration from the very founding of our community to develop sustainable, transparent and open leadership. We are continuing to work with an open leadership structure, which we call our Unity Leadership Council. In addition to our official board members, we invite community members to join in leadership: Leadership council members participate fully in all aspects of leadership. If you are interested in serving or learing more about our leadership, please ask any leader. The following folks are serving in leadership on our Unity Leadership Council:

          Barbara McLawhorn, Mirielle Bearden, Pat Shepard, Diane Lloyd, George Campbell, Gretchen Galbraith, Susan Sellers, Jim Sellers


                                        Our founding leadership council members. (clockwise from left) Marilyn Bedell, Susan Sellers, Cindy Cawthorne, Jon Strauss, Maureen Garrison, (the late) Jim Spurling, Barb McLawhorn, Nita Strauss (minister), Debra Tessmer.