A positive path for spiritual living

Our Mission and Values

Our mission statement:

Affirming Oneness, we inspire, empower, and support practical spiritual growth through prayer, meditation, and service to our community, in an atmosphere of love, joy, peace and prosperity for all.

Our Core Values:


We serve those on the spiritual path in many ways. Our primary activity of service is prayer, which (as Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore reminds us) is the highest form of mental activity known to humankind. Prayer is so important, you’ll find a whole section on our website devoted to it.

In addition to prayer and providing spiritual supports, we also believe in being a force for Good in our community. We are a faith partner with Tucson’s Interfaith Community Services, and through our partnership with them, we also support organizations like the Community Food Bank and NAMI (which promotes mental wellness). Other organizations which are dear to us are Youth on Their Own, and Heifer, International. Visit our Living in Community page for more info.


Peace is so important to us, we have claimed it as our identity. There are many ways in which peace expresses in the world, and we believe that they all begin with the peace which we cultivate within ourselves as we learn to live more fully in the awareness of our true identity. We are spiritual beings experiencing human life in this world, and this world is filled with opportunities to know conflict and struggle. Learning to live peacefully with our families, with our friends, with our neighbors, with our co-workers, and with the world at large begins with learning to love, accept, and know peace within ourselves. We are told that we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and we cannot love our neighbor if we do not love ourselves first. As we learn to experience and know peace within, we are able to share and express that peace with others. It is our absolute belief that as we each learn the skills to manage anger, conflict, and other human challenges, we will – one willing and able heart at a time- bring about the “Peace on Earth, Good Will to all” which is so desired by all of us.

We also believe that it is necessary to cultivate peace in the world at large, and are in alignment with Unity School of Christianity and Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Joint statement for peace:

“Unity stands for peace in the presence of conflict; for love in the presence of hatred; for forgiveness in the presence of injury. Unity honors the many names for God, the many paths to God, the many ways to worship God; for there is only one power and presence of God and that God loves each one of us equally. It is therefore the position of Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity to urge all nations, their leaders, and their people to turn to God, by whatever name, for guidance and pursue peace, not war, for this is what honors the God of all our faith traditions. Unity stands for peace in our lifetime.”


All are welcome within our community. Our feelings on diversity:

“We believe that all people are created with sacred worth, and we strive to reach out to all who seek support and spiritual growth.  Therefore, we recognize the importance of serving all people in spiritually and emotionally caring ways.  Our ministry is free of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability and sexual orientation.” (adapted from Unity Worldwide Ministries statement)


As spiritual beings expressing as the “image and likeness” of the Creator, we have within us a creative urge. This innate creativity takes many forms; some are obvious, as in the arts, some forms are less obvious, such as the ability to find new solutions to old problems. As we explore our spirituality and begin to structure our behaviors to be more in alignment with Truth, we must create new ways of living in the world. As we learn to live in community with one another, we are called to creatively discover more productive ways to resolve conflicts, and to build new and expanded concepts of relationships.


While we each have unlimited wisdom within us, it is extremely helpful to have some guidance along the way! Unity was founded as a prayer and educational organization, and we are pleased to continue that tradition. We offer spiritual educational classes which are practical and transformative. Our fifth Unity principle states that it is not enough to know Truth, but that we must actually live the Truth that we know. Through education, we learn Truth and we learn how to apply that Truth in our day-to-day lives.

For those interested in becoming credentialed Unity leaders, either as Licensed Unity Teachers or ministers, we offer a full range of Unity Institute Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes. If you are interested in learning more about the various paths to Unity credentialing, please speak with Rev. Nita.