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Peace, Wholeness, and TIme Apart

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 7:04pm -- nstrauss
Dear Friends-  By now I'm sure you know that gatherings of over ten people are being very strongly discouraged, and in keeping with that guidance, we've put our face-to-face activities, including our Sunday services, on hold effective immediately. We'll be gathering online soon, so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, we've got several years of lessons just waiting for you at the "Listen" link above! 
For today, I hope you'll join me in prayer. It doesn't matter when you're reading this or where you are. Time, space, and distance are all human conveniences. We are each a portion of the collective Wholeness which goes by so many names. We are also each a portion of the collective consciousness of human-kind. Our ability to release fear and center ourselves in Truth will help us to continue to thrive and know peace. Our ability to release fear and center ourselves in Truth will also help others to release fear and know Truth.
Allow yourself to breathe. Breathe fully and deeply. Don't be surprised if tears arise. This is a hard time for all of us. Anxiety, fear, worry, and the whole spectrum of sadness and concern are so pervasive right now. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, and know that in Truth, we are well. We are eternal. We are One.
Continue to breathe, and relax. Myrtle Fillmore wrote that most of us do not allow nearly enough time in our prayer process to relax. Breath. Listen to music which helps settle you. Walk. You can pray and walk at the same time, you know. Lie down or dance or pet your dog. I draw. I allow myself to draw jaggedy lines until they don't need to be jagged anymore and I can draw more rounded lines and shapes. I color those shapes with crayons or paint or doodle designs. This is part of my prayer process. It helps me relax, and as I relax, I can more effectively release my anxiety. And yes- I absolutely experience anxiety and fear. Our spiritual practices don't eliminate our fears and worries, but they do help us to more easily regain our equanimity.
Again considering advice given by Myrtle Fillmore, begin to focus your thoughts in "the Godward direction". For this particular time of shared prayer, begin to focus on something or someone which evokes appreciation. I imagine looking at the ocean. I remember the dogs I've loved over the years. I remember the people who have been helpful in my life. Allow yourself to smile. Even if you don't really feel like smiling, the act of moving the muscles of your face into a smile will send a very real signal to your brain and your body that it is safe to relax even more fully.
Continue to breathe, and maybe silently allow your focus to be on the word "peace". This is a time of soft focus, not hard centration. When you notice your thoughts have drifted, just return your focus to peace. Peace is always present. Its just usually covered up by our thoughts, our fears, our worries. Release them and remember simple peaceful being.
Rest in this state of quiet peaceful awareness for awhile. There's no rush. No lunch dates to make or shopping to do or kids to get off to school. How long has it been since you simply rested?
Having relaxed, having focused on the availability of peace, realize that within the realm of Infinite Potential, All-Good is possible. Peace is possible because it is already present. Love is possible because it is already present. Healing is possible because Wholeness is already present. This is True for each of us. For you, for me, for each of our loved ones. Peace is possible and present for everyone, everywhere, whether they are aware of it or not. Our prayer work is about knowing Truth and claiming the Good which is already present. We claim that Good for ourselves, for each other, for everyone everywhere. Allow your power of Imagination to play. Allow your Mind's eye to "see" our world filled will love. Speak your Word, audibly or silently:
Releasing the things that are behind, I realize that I AM, that We ARE strong, positive, powerful, wise, loving, fearless free Spirit. I AM, We ARE the Infinite expressing at the point that I AM, that We Are. I know that regardless of any appearances to the contrary, Good is unfolding right here, right now, in this very moment. I know that Life is eternal. I know that Love is omnipresent. I know that Wisdom is available. I know that Wholeness is our birthright. I know that we are One, and that in Truth there can be no separation from Wholeness, no separation from Oneness. We are Whole, complete, perfect, necessary, and uniquely expressing the Divine through our hearts and hands and feet. I AM a blessing and I AM blessed. I AM at peace, and I AM well. I AM thankful and appreciative of all of the Good in my life, seen or unseen. I claim this good on behalf of all beings, everywhere. I know these things are True and I allow this Truth to manifest in my life now. I let it be and so it is. Amen.
Thank you for joining me in this prayer. I am thankful for your prayer support. Know that you have my prayer support, and that our prayer team continues to hold all of us in Light and in Love and in Peace. We will arrive on the other side of this moment in human history and we will arrive stronger and more resilient than we had any idea we could actually be. I am thankful for your Presence in my life.

Thank you for blessing my life, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Rev. Nita