A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • 01/07/18 The Courage to Imagine- I Am Peace

    It's a new year, and the world needs YOUR intentional consciousness! Imagination is one of our Twelve Powers, and it is the one that actually brings shape and form to our ideas and intentions. The creative power of our imagination is powerful, and it's important that we use it purposefully and productively.

  • 12/31/17 - Gratitude, Release, Intention for the New Year

    As we close out 2017, it's time to pause, consider where we are, and where we might like to be headed. At our service, we used a "cleansing bowl" to ritualize this process. If you're listening at home, you may want to use a shredder, or dig a hole, or even place a candle in a safe container and burn your "releases". We used 4x6 cards to write our intentional areas of willingness, and everyone took home a small picture frame so that we can place these intentions where we'll see them on a daily basis. Feel free to create your own ritual of release and intention. Oh- by the way- near the end, I mentioned the definition of patience as being from Unity's glossary, The Revealing Word. Actually, this is my paraphrase from Chas. Fillmore's book, Keep a True Lent. Just don't want anyone out there getting frustrated looking for the reference... Happy New Year!

  • 12/24/17 A Christmas Story

    12/24/17: It's Christmas Eve... there's a star, shepherds, Mary, Joseph, angels... all of the ingredients which make the ordinary events of our lives into miracles.

  • 12/17/17 Advent: Love Yourself- Let Something Good Be Said

    12/17/17: Love is our "harmonizing" power. Our lives align according to what we "love"- make sure you're being kind to yourself!

  • 12/10/17 Advent: Peace

    12/10/17 The second week of Advent focuses on Peace. We each have work to do, and one of the things we must do is see peace.

  • 12/03/17 Faith, The Greatest Present Ever

    Licensed Teacher candidate, Susan Smith, shares with us the topic for the first week of Advent, which focuses on Faith.

  • 11/26/17 Another Cycle Ends: Gratitude

    11/26/17 Each year, the change of seasons into autumn shifts our focus more inward. We are thankful for all that has been, and ready to begin preparing for what is to come.

  • 11/19/17 Prosperity's Tenth Commandment - Do Not Covet

    When we covet something we think someone else has, we limit our own good. Coveting basically means affirming that we do not have something we want or need, which is denying the omnipresence of Good-Without-Opposite, also known as God.

  • 11/12/17 Prosperity's Ninth Commandment - Do Not Bear False Witness

    We are not separate, and when we indulge in divisive behavior, encouraging drama, gossip, and the like, we are limiting our own good. Bearing false witness is about more than saying Tommy stole the cookie when you know he did not. Bearing false witness includes all sorts of ways we deny the Christ in ourselves and others.

  • Prosperity's Eighth Commandment - Do Not Try to Get Something for Nothing

    11/05/17- We all know not to steal, right? Well... expecting to receive Good while never giving Good out could certainly be considered taking. This commandment is our reminder that balance is always important. NOTE: The audio ended before the lesson did...