A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • 05/19/19 Habits of Highly Effective People #1- Be Proactive

    We begin revisiting a classic, from (perhaps) a more spiritual orientation. Universal spiritual Truth should apply to everyone, always, and this "business sector" book makes that point beautifully. Our first look at Habit #1, Be Proactive, relates to our 5th Unity principle, which says its not enough to KNOW Truth, we must also LIVE the Truth we know.

  • 05/12/19 Happy Nurturer's Day (aka Mother's Day!)

    Welcome to Rev. Nita's least favorite day! Why? You'll need to listen. There is, of course, a wonderful principle behind Mother's Day.

  • 05/05/19 Start Where You Are

    Practice... Practice... Practice!!!  We tend to keep looking and looking, and not necessarily being and being. Start where you are, begin, and stop looking for better, newer, trendier.

  • 04/28/19 The Creative Process and Twelve Powers

    Our Twelve Powers are innate abilities which we can cultivate and use whenever we find ourselves in any sort of less-than optimal experience. Since we also create our experiences of life by the thoughts we are holding around those situations, we also have the ability to create the life we choose to experience. When we combine an awareness of the creative process with our twelve powers, we invoke powerful tools to shift our consciousness.

  • 04/21/2019 Easter White Stone Ceremony

    One of our Easter Traditions at Unity/Peace, Tucson is to become still and listen for the wisdom within which is always available to guide our path. Set aside about an hour, and allow yourself to simply pause, breathe, and listen.

  • 04/14/2019: Basic Practices 9: Willingness_Palm Sunday

    We look at the metaphysics of the Easter story, through the lens of willingness to take the steps which lead us forward to our own transformation

  • 04/07/2019: Basic Practices 8: Living Truth

    Many of us are (in Unity minister Eric Butterworth's words) 'over-read and under-done". In other words, its easier to know about Truth than to actually live the Truth we know. At some point, we have to put feet on our prayers.

  • 03/31/2019: Basic Practices #7: Faith

    For some, faith is easy and natural. For others, not so much. Some of us thought "faith" is something you either have or you don't, but - since it's one of our Twelve Powers, we all have it, and it can be used in helpful or not-so-helpful ways.

  • 03/24/2019 Basic Practices #6: Thoughts Are Things

    Sometimes, when things seem the most chaotic, we want to wonder who or what to blame. Surely something "out there" much be at the root of our unease and uncertainty. The real answer is usually much closer- we need to look at our own thoughts and beliefs

  • 03/17/2019 Basic Practices 5: Affirmations and Denials

    Probably the most-used and well-known New Thought/ Unity practices are affirmations and denials, which help us to train our minds to think more productively. Denials help us to release old, erroneous beliefs which do not serve us, and affirmations help us to integrate Truth (which is ALREADY True) into our thought processes. No matter how long you've been studying New Thought or how much you think you are ready for the "more advanced" teachings, denials and affirmations are always helpful, and can help kickstart shifts in thought (which helps facilitate shifts in behavior).