A positive path for spiritual living

Sunday Lesson

  • 03/18/18 Overcoming, Imagining, and Purpose

    Unity's co-founder, Charles Fillmore, was pretty adamant about our mission: according to him, our mission is to bring forth the "New Jerusalem and the New Earth". Our mission is to do whatever it is we can imagine is possible to God, and to overcome the illusions of lack and limitation. How's that?

  • 03/11/18 Wholeness Through the Practice of Sabbath

    It is important that we invest time in Silence. This is where we "hear" the guidance which is most helpful along the journey. We're allowed to rest. We're allowed to stop every now and again. Not only are we allowed these pauses, but we must make use of them. Sue Nyhus, one of our Licensed Unity Teachers, shares her wisdom with us for today's lesson.

  • 03/04/18 Wisdom, Conservation, and Lent

    Our focus this week is on the wise use of our spiritual energies. We are powerful, and we can use our power wisely, or deplete it through thoughtless words and actions. Guess which is more productive?

  • 02/25/2018 Love, Community, Imagination, and Lent

    This week, we look at Love expressed as community, and use our Lenten focus of Imagination to bring shape and form to our intention of peace on Earth.

  • 02/18/2018 Intention, Love, Lent

    We continue our journey through Lent with a reminder of the importance of intention in our lives. What do we really desire? What do we really want? Are we willing to devote ourselves to cultivating the consciousness of Good which will help humanity?

  • 02/11/2018 Love and Lent

    This week, Ash Wednesday (which is the start of Lent) falls on Valentine's Day. As an intentional segment of our spiritual journey, Lent gives us a time to focus on releasing that which is no longer helpful, and also to integrate that which we most desire (love) into our lives. Seems like a good week to get started! Download your Unity booklet, Keeping a True Lent, here.

  • 02/04/2018 - Love (church with Daniel Nahmod)

    We have a tendency to think of love as purely an emotion - that emotion of really, really, really liking something a lot. Today, we expand our understanding a bit; it's not easy, and it's not always fun. But Love is one of our 12 Powers, one of our Divine abilities, and a tool we can use to more fully express the Christ.

  • 01/28/18- Decluttering for Peace of Mind (Chaos to Peace, pt. 2)

    Last week we talked about junk drawers and closets and such. This week, we're talking about our mental clutter. We need to keep our consciousness clear as well!

  • 01/21/18 - From Chaos to Peace: Making it So

    When things seem chaotic, there are basic practices which can help us to bring restore order. Divine Order is one of our innate faculties or abilities, one of our Twelve Powers, according to Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore. We cultivate practices to use as tools when they are most needed. Sometimes those tools require quite a bit of practices, other times, it can be as simple as cleaning out a junk drawer or overcrowded closet.

  • 01/14/18- Being Peace in the Midst of ALL Matters

    One of the most difficult lessons for us to learn is that we truly do have the choice to be at peace, no matter what. No matter how frightening, no matter how difficult, no matter how... anything... we can learn to remember to ground ourselves in Truth, and "be" the peace which is needed in the world. We can do this.