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Positive, Empowering Music!

We love positive, New Thought Music!

Huh? Did you even know there was such a thing? Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore proclaimed nearly a hundred years ago that the world needed a “new hymnal” of what he called “praise” music, or “joy songs”. While some of the mainstream Christian praise music is wonderful, much of it really is not in alignment with our New Thought theology. Thanks to the efforts of New Thought artists from Unity, the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL, formerly known as Religious Science or Science of Mind), Agape, Divine Science, and other independent New Thought organizations, this “new hymnal” is being created and the results are amazing.

The music we use during our services and classes is intentional; it is always selected to reinforce the message. Music allows us to integrate messages into our brains in a way that can be especially helpful. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and investigate the newly-emerging world of New Thought music. Visit  emPower Music to explore!