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Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is a way of aligning ourselves with our 'Higher Self" or might be considered communion between God (Spirit, the Universe, Infininte Potential, Father, Mother, Father-Mother... whatever name is comfortable to you) and you. This communion takes place in the innermost part of your being. It is the only way to cleanse and perfect the consciousness and thus permanently heal the body. Meditation is part of our prayer process, which helps us to become still and receptive to hearing "the still small voice" within.

Unity co-founder referred to prayer as the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental action until our consciousness synchronizes with the Christ Mind. It is the language of spirituality, and when developed it makes humankind master in the realm of creative ideas. Prayer is an affirmation of Truth that eternally exists, but which has not yet come into consciousness.

From our glossary, The Reveraling Word, we read, "Do not beg God to give you what you need, but get still and think about the inexhaustible resources of infinite Mind, its presence in all its fullness, and its constant readiness to manifest itself for you when its laws are complied with. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "Seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matt. 6:33).It is necessary to pray believing that we have received because God is all that we desire. The good always exists in Divine Mind as ideas, and we bring it into manifestation through the prayer of faith, affirmation, praise, and acknowledgment.

"All through the Scriptures, the different attitudes of mind necessary in prayer are pointed out. We are told to be instant in prayer, to pray with the Spirit, to pray inunderstanding. We have thought that prayer was something we could go to, in any way, at any time. But we have learned that to get results, we must pray with persistence and understanding, and with faith. This practice establishes a consciousness where doubt cannot enter. Jesus was in this consciousness. Is it possible for the ordinary person? Yes. But we must watch and pray. we must not only pray; we must watch also."

These are the seven necessary conditions for true prayer:

1. God should be recognized as Father (the One Power, One Presence, by whatever name we choose to call It).

2. Oneness within God should be acknowledged.

3. Prayer must be made within, in "the secret place" (Psalms 91).

4. The door must be closed on all thoughts and interests of the outer world.

5. The one who prays must believe that he has received.

6. The kingdom of God must be desired above all things, and sought first.

7. The mind must let go of every unforgiving thought.

(adapted from "The Revealing Word"