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What Is Unity?

What is Unity?

Welcome! We are so pleased you have found us!  If this is your first visit to a Unity center, you may be asking what is Unity about and what are it’s teachings? 

Let’s start with a brief history of Unity’s beginnings.

Unity began in the 1880s, when a married couple, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, sought healing by changing their ideas about God and themselves.  Their ideas were simple and they centered around two basic propositions

1. God is good.
2. God is always available; in fact, God is within us.

In time, Myrtle was healed of tuberculosis and Charles’ health was so much improved that other people began to ask how they too could change their own lives.  In 1889 the Fillmores began to publish a magazine called Modern Thought, which, after a few years, was renamed Unity.  They prayed with their readers and used the magazine to present the ideas that had helped them heal themselves and find peace and strength.  Their ideas and prayer-based approach led to the establishment of Silent Unity, where a constant vigil of prayer has continued for over 120 years!  During these past 100+ years, Unity has grown from small prayer circles in living rooms to the worldwide movement it is today.

Moving Forward into the 21st Century (and beyond!)

Unity is a path of positive, practical spirituality, within the larger group of teachings known as New Thought. We draw on the universal spiritual principles found in all of the major faith traditions, and we consider Jesus to be our spiritual "Elder Brother", one of our primary WayShowers. Charles Fillmore called Unity “practical Christianity” because Unity shows us how to metaphysically understand and use Jesus’ teachings to learn about our higher selves and live our daily lives in a more peaceful, healthy, and abundant manner.

In addition to the traditional roots of spirituality found in the major faith traditions of the world, we believe that contemporary science needs to be respected. The filelds of neuroscience, quantum physics, and contemporary spirituality are all important as we investigate the living of Truth in our lives. We believe that Faith and Science are both necessary, and that neither should exclude the other. We live from our hearts, and with full possession of our brains!

The "ground of all beingness" can be called by any name which feels best to you: God, Divine Mind, Buddha-Mind, the Universe, or (as Rev. Nita prefers) the "Infinite Realm of All Possibility and Potential"! "It" is not defineable, although It has been defined as Love. "It" is everywhere present, and is within each one of us as the Divine Truth of What we are.

Our goal at Unity Spiritual Center of Peace is to continue the work of the Fillmores by providing an environment where all people can explore spirituality and find their own unique spiritual path.  We are a place where travelers along the spiritual path will find safe and sacred space for study, inspiration, fellowship, support, transformation and awakening to the joys of living in alignment with Truth.  We offer Sunday services, Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute adult education classes and three meditation services each week. Our prayer ministry serves to provide affirmative prayer support, and all who participate on any level in our community are encouraged to advance spiritually according to their own understanding.  Our Unity teachings are like signposts, showing the way to the Truth that you must ultimately find IN yourself and FOR yourself.  If Unity has one cardinal teaching, it is that the true Spirit of God, to which we should all turn and listen, is within us.

We look forward to joining you on this unique spiritual adventure that is Unity! If you have any questions or concerns, please email Rev. Nita Strauss. We look forward to seeing you soon!