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You Be You - Whole, Complete, Perfect!

Thu, 08/30/2018 - 12:00am -- nstrauss
When we travel our spiritual journey, it seems there's a tendency for us to think we're doing this spiritual work because we're not good enough as we are. That we have to "fix" all of the things that are "wrong" with us. We seem to have the belief that there is something called "perfect Spiritual Being having a human experience", and that we must become that perfect expression. That there is a "good" way to live life and a "bad" way to live life, and if I am behaving badly then I must be bad.

I have certainly thought this for much of my life. If only... I wasn't so judgmental... could maintain a perfect body weight ... was better at math... wasn't so bossy... could more playfully join in at Halloween... You get the picture. For most of my life, I've maintained a very meticulous inventory of my own shortcomings, quite certain that with enough work, I'll be able to check off each one, and, Tah Dah! That will surely be the day of my enlightenment!
Maybe, but I've come to doubt it. As I've lived more and more with the wisdom shared by those who have walked this fully human-Fully Divine path before us, I no longer think this is really what the journey is about, and I REALLY don't believe it was the message of our Master Teacher, Jesus.
Yes- it is important that we be honest about our behaviors and the effects they have on our lives and the lives of those around us. If I am judgmental, I will experience the consequences of being judgmental. If I am bossy, I will experience the frustration and pushback which that behavior creates. There is, however, a huge difference between wishing to develop beneficial life skills and accepting the shame which comes with believing that I am bad.
Jesus said we are the Light of the world! He reminded us that Hebrew scriptures tell us we are gods. He said that the Kingdom of the Heavens is within us. His reassurances were not placed in some far-off future, or given with conditions of remediation. He told us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. To forgive, bless, and pray for our enemies. To resist not evil.
When we look at the Bible metaphysically, everyone, everything and every situation is symbolic of something within our own consciousness. Our neighbor is that within us which feels separate, so we must love those aspects of our self which seem unlovable. Our enemies are those thoughts which keep us in darkness and acting in ways which are contradictory to our highest good. So we must forgive those thoughts. We must "give" Truth "for" error and bless ourselves for our willingness to recognize that the darkness is only a mistake in our understanding. When we look at the oh-so-detailed inventory of "bad" stuff we think we need to "fix", we must be gentle. Fighting and struggling against those things we think are "wrong" is surely resisting evil, as well as inviting it to persist!
Since the Halloween treats are already in the stores (really?!), why not choose to be a compassionate friend to yourself this year? Wish yourself well. Thank yourself for doing the brave work of looking at your life and being willing to put one foot in front of the other along this journey of ever-increasing awareness. Allow your inventory of shortcomings to become like breadcrumbs marking the path to fuller understanding. Recognize that we are all in this together, and that developing tolerance for our own stumbling helps develop tolerance for others' stumbling. You are just exactly perfect as you are. You do not need to become anything other than What you already are: Whole and Divine.
Remove the mask you have worn which has appeared to be less-than-okay, and allow your True Self to shine. Jesus said you are the Light of the world. YOU - as you are, right here, right now. YOU are in just the perfect place to learn the absolute perfect lessons for your life to unfold in the most wonderfully perfect manner. YOU are the Light of the world, right here and right now!
The Light I AM recognizes, blesses, and honors the Light You Are-  Nita